Eqiyo: Wisdom of the horse/human
connection through the practice of
by: Blair McKissock and Jean Arnold
Photography by Andrea Romer
This beautifully photographed book is the starting point for a new movement in the equestrian world.  Yoga postures performed mounted provide a greater sense of awareness in the rider creating a better partnership with the horse.  Improve your seat, move beyond training plateaus and have a more connected relationship with your horse.  Reserve your copy now they will go fast.

Journey of the Hero
an 8 week curriculum
by: Dierdre Stanton, Blair McKissock,
Robert Daley
The journey of the Hero is a research based program for behavior clients with MMR. During the 8 wks clients follow the mythological journey of the hero mirroring Frodo's journey in Lord of the Rings. It includes case studies and theoretical framework.  This curriculum is featured in Harness the power of equine assisted counseling. By: Kay Trotter

100+ Equine Assisted Activities,
Lessons and Ideas
by: Blair McKissock and Jan Helsper
That's right,  after much anticipation the definitive book on activities for equine assisted activities is her!  Over 100 activities, ideas and variations organized and easy to follow.  Even includes plans to build lesson props and a sensory course. Complete with arena set up diagrams and safety alerts.  Great for mounted, unmounted, indoor, outdoor and even horseless horse activities for all ages and functioning levels. Never worry about another lesson plan again!

Surviving Fatherhood Curriculum
by: Blair McKissock and Jan Helsper
This nationally recognized program is now available
as a curriculum.  This ready to implement 8 week
program is designed to help absentee parents and thier children build the foundation for a better realtionship.  Modeled after the popular Survivor television series, this program is destined to be a huge hit at your facility.  Complete with case studies and supporting research to make it grant ready!

Reading With Rosie
By: Blair McKissock, Debbie Anderson
A research based equine assisted literacy program designed to motivate 1st grade children to read.  Includes implementation guides, pre-post tests and other tools for a flawless delivery.

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